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Water Quality Plus (WQP) provides a comprehensive source of water related information for personal, community and commercial use. A key focus of WQP activity is devoted to reporting on all aspects for safe drinking water.

The mission of WQP is to provide education and serve as a resource and advocate in areas of importance to the well-being of the community.

WQP will actively solicit, develop, and coordinate a broad scope of participation by various agencies, institutions, organizations, companies and individuals to increase the awareness of water quality and conservation.


The Company's Services

Water Quality Plus (WQP) uses an internet (WEB) presence to serve as a focal point to learn about water related physics, chemistry, delivery, quality and safety.The website is such that both individuals young and old can easily explore the site and find the needed information. The website also provides a convenient place for businesses to quickly find information on the water that is provided to their facilities.

Through its site, WQP offers advertisers a highly efficient means of reaching their targeted markets.




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